Research  ::  Projects by Year

Projects listed here include those that began in this year, regardless of whether funding was continued in following years, in addition to those that may have been carried over from previous funding years. For example, if a project was initiated in Year 1 and ended in Year 2, it will show up in both the Year 1 and Year 2 project lists. If the same project had ended in Year 1, however, it would only show up in the Year 1 list.

Projects may receive new designations or titles if they receive funding for more than one year; project numbers and titles listed here reflect the most recent iterations.

Direct Support Projects

Direct support projects are funded by NSF and Industry Membership to support the strategic vision of the center. Details of these projects are available to our industry members on our industry intranet.

Enabling Technology

  1. Distributed Energy Storage Device
    • Y4.ET.C3: Development of Stationary DESDs
    • Y4.ET.C5: Secondary Traction Battery Utilization in Community Energy Storage Systems
  2. Distributed Grid Intelligence/Reliable and Secured
    • Y4.ET.C3: Energy Management and Communications Infrastructure for Green Hubs
  3. Solid State Transformer
    • Y4.ET.C2: Design and Development of Gen-II Solid State Transformer (SST) Based on 15kV SiC Devices
    • Y4.ET.C6: Three-Phase SST Project Based on SiC Devices
  4. System Theory, Modeling and Control
    • Y4.ET.C4: Energy Management and Communications Infrastructure for Green Hubs

Fundamental Science

  1. Advanced Storage
    • Y4.FS.C6: High-Power and Long-Cycle Life Rechargeable Batteries
    • Y4.FS.C5: Development of Efficient Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Reversible Li-Air Batteries
  2. Post-Silicon Device
    • Y4.FS.C3: Silicon Carbide Devices for FID and SST Applications
    • Y4.FS.C4: GaN Power Device and Fabrication
  3. System Theory, Modeling and Control
    • Y4.FS.C2: Power engineering system modeling and control in the FREEDM system
    • Y4.FS.C1: Comprehensive protection of high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) electrical distribution circuits


  1. Hardware-in-the-Loop
    • Y4.HIL.C1: FREEDM System Demonstration: Hardware-in-the-Loop
  2. Large Scale System Simulation
    • Y4.HIL.C1: FREEDM System Demonstration: Large Scale System Simulation