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FREEDM systems

The envisioned FREEDM System is a revolutionary power grid based on power electronics, high bandwidth digital communication, and distributed control. It is radically different from today's grid because it replaces electromagnetic devices such as 60 Hz transformers with solid state transformers. In this system, solid state based protection devices will also replace mechanical switches. The four-quadron power flow control provided by the solid state transformer allows the plug-and-play of the distributed generations and also allows for the addition of storages and loads to the grid with no adverse effects on nearby users. The solid state transformer will provide unmatched power quality improvement to residential users and industry customers. The system understands the value of different types of energy and maximizes green energy utilization, which improves the energy efficiency of the total system.

The FREEDM system is the "internet for energy", it will transform the power industry in a similar way that the internet transformed the computer industry from the mainframe computer paradigm to the distributed computing we have today. Such a paradigm shift will be accompanied by massive innovation in green energy technologies. The FREEDM System allows every energy user to not only be a customer, but to also act as an innovator of energy. There is no barrier to connect his or her innovations to the grid!