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The goal of NSF's Gen-III ERC Program is to create a culture of innovation in engineering research and education that links scientific discovery to technological innovation through transformational engineered systems research. ERC's make advances in technology and produce engineering graduates who will be creative innovators in a global economy.

Specifically, the FREEDM Systems Center's goals are:

  • Develop the fundamental knowledge base for the FREEDM system and provide fundamental breakthrough technology in energy storage and power semiconductor devices
  • Develop enabling technologies for subsystem and system demonstrations
  • Develop a one-megawatt FREEDM green energy hub system to power the ERC headquarters and other buildings on NC State's Centennial Campus
  • Form long-term partnerships with large and small firms to speed the translation of ERC research into commercially viable products, stimulate formation of start-up companies based on ERC intellectual property, and involve students in all phases of the innovation process
  • Develop a diverse group of adaptive, creative, and innovative graduates who advance fundamental knowledge, enabling technology and engineered systems innovations in renewable electric energy delivery and management systems
  • Develop long-term partnerships with middle and high schools, teachers, and students to enhance engineering content knowledge and pedagogical methods, bring engineering concepts into the classroom, involve pre-college students in research, and increase the diversity and enrollment of domestic students in university engineering degree programs
  • Increase the diversity of the proposed Center's leadership, faculty, and students to exceed academic engineering nationwide averages within the first five years of operation.