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Thank you for your interest in the FREEDM Systems Center. Below you will find a press kit, logo files and logo standards and guidelines for download. These are for use by media and FREEDM partners.

If you would like to request an interview, tour or article, please contact or 919-513-3334.

FREEDM Logo Standards and Guidelines

The FREEDM color logo is the default logo and should be used whenever color is possible. The black in white logo should ONLY be used in black and white print publications or on faxes.

The FREEDM Systems Center logo can be used by recipients of FREEDM support to acknowledge that support. The logo may also be used to link to the FREEDM website to acknowledge partnerships or staff, faculty or students of the Center.

The FREEDM Systems Center’s logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by, support by, endorsement of a product or service, or affiliation with the Center.

No explicit permission is needed to use the FREEDM Systems Center logo.

Complete FREEDM Logo Standards and Guidelines

FREEDM Systems Center Logos


FREEDM logo black white