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To help students in clearly describing their project to industry and its relationship to the 3 Plane diagram, we have set-up and Elevator Speech practice session Wednesday, May 25 from 2-3:30 PM EDT. Every student that participates fully (delivers a speech and evaluates their peers) will receive a $10 Amazon giftcard. All participants will be given feedback from staff, faculty and their peers. These sessions will help students prepare for the NSF Site Review Poster Sessions and practice speaking to industry members when only a few minutes are available to effectively describe your project.


  • Sign-up by e-mailing Hillary Meredith with your
    • Name
    • E-mail
    • School
  • Watch the 5 minute 3 Plane elevator speech video to gain understanding of where your project fits in the 3 Plane diagram
  • Prepare a two minute "elevator speech" on your project
  • Attend and present your elevator speech; please have your poster ready digitally to display during your speech
  • Evaluate other student's speeches

At the session:

  • Each student will be given 2-3 minutes present their project with 2 minutes for questions and answers
  • Each student will evaluate their peers along with staff and faculty present (a feedback rubric will be provided)
  • Students will be provided the feedback digitally to review and incorporate feedback into their discussions at the NSF site review

You can view Ewan Pritchard's explanation of the 3-plane diagram at: