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Q: How can I get involved with research opportunities offered by the FREEDM Systems Center?

A: Students can take advantage of many different research opportunities available through the FREEDM Systems Center at any of the partner university sites.

  • Graduate students work with faculty and Industry Partners on departmental research on a variety of technically challenging, exciting projects in three thrust areas: System Technology, Enabling Technologies, and Fundamental Science. Highlights of current FREEDM System Center research can be found here. Internships/Fellowships and Cooperative Education experiences with Industry Partners.
  • Middle and High School students and teachers affiliated with partner schools can participate in precollege programs such as the Young Scholars, Research Experiences for Teachers (RET), and middle school summer camps. Information can be found here

Q: I am a first semester freshman that may decide to major in Engineering. How do I enroll in the Electrical Engineering degree program and declare a concentration in Renewable Electric Energy Systems?

A: All of our partner universities have their own specific procedures for declaring a major field of study. Please visit here to see our partner schools with links to their university homepages.

Q: I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering and would like to enroll in the new Renewable Electric Energy Systems Concentration. What do I need to do?

A: For students at our partner schools please visit the College of Engineering or the Electrical Engineering Department at your university of study.

Q: I am a junior (or senior) majoring in Electrical Engineering and would like to enroll in the Renewable Electric Energy Systems concentration, but see that I may have to take a few extra humanities courses due to changes in General Education Program (GEP) requirements. Can I still add the concentration?

A: Please follow click here for a list of our partner schools and use their homepages to navigate to the General Education Program requirements that vary between the participating universities.

Q: I am an undergraduate student that is currently enrolled at another university and interested in transferring to a partner university to enroll in the new Renewable Electric Energy Systems concentration program. How can I find out if the courses that I have already taken will transfer? What do I need to do?

A: Visit the website here for links to our partner universities. Each has their own requirements for transferring students and for determining course equivalency between colleges.

Q: Is there a Master's Degree program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems that I can enroll in upon graduating with my Bachelor's degree?

A: At this time there is no Master's degree program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems. The Electrical Engineering Department currently offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems. To receive a certificate, students must complete a total of 12 hours of coursework. For additional curriculum and admission requirements, please visit the Graduate Education Page of the FREEDM Systems Center website or visit the ECE Department website.

The FREEDM Systems Center offers a graduate program in electrical power systems engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Power Systems Engineering (MS-EPSE).

Q: I am a graduate student who would like to enroll in the Renewable Electric Energy Systems Graduate Certificate program as a non-degree seeking student. How can I do this?

A: The rules for non-degree seeking students vary from university to university. Please search for the Non Degree Studies office affiliated with your partner university and note dates of enrollment.