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Q: I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering and would like to enroll in the new Renewable Electric Energy Systems Concentration. What do I need to do?

A: Please visit the College of Engineering at 118 Page Hall to add the concentration to the current academic degree program you are enrolled in.

Q: I am a junior (or senior) majoring in Electrical Engineering and would like to enroll in the Renewable Electric Energy Systems concentration, but see that I may have to take a few extra humanities courses due to the new General Education Program (GEP) requirements. Can I still add the concentration?

A: Please contact the ECE Department Undergraduate Advising.

Additional information about the new General Education Program Requirements (GEP) can be found at

Q: How can I get involved with research opportunities offered by the FREEDM Systems Center?

A: There are many different research opportunities available through the FREEDM Systems Center at any of the partner university sites for students to take advantage of. For example, undergraduate students can submit an application to be considered for acceptance into the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program where they will work closely with a faculty mentor on a research project to explore new directions in green energy grid infrastructure over the course of an entire semester or a summer. Other opportunities through the Center include mentoring a Young Scholar high school student through the Pre-College Education Program, internships / fellowships and Cooperative Education partnerships with industry partners. Teachers, high school students, and middle school students from partner schools can apply for FREEDM pre-college summer programs. The resources on the website are freely available for all to use.

Q- Is there a Master's Degree program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems that I can enroll in upon graduating with my Bachelor's degree?

A: At this time there is no Master's degree program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems. The Electrical Engineering Department currently offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Renewable Electric Energy Systems. To receive a certificate students must complete a total of 12 hours of coursework. For additional curriculum and admission requirements, please refer to the Graduate Certificate Program section of the FREEDM Systems Center website or visit

Q: I am a first semester freshman that may decide to major in Engineering. How do I enroll in the Electrical Engineering degree program and declare a concentration in Renewable Electric Energy Systems?

A: All first-year engineering students are accepted into the College of Engineering as unmatriculated. For additional matriculation information please visit

Q: I am an undergraduate student that is currently enrolled at another university and interested in transferring to North Carolina State University to enroll in the new Renewable Electric Energy Systems concentration program. How can I find out if the courses that I have already taken will transfer? What do I need to do?

A: Submit an application to transfer through the North Carolina State University Admissions Office. Transfer Admission information can be found at Please note the College of Engineering also has transfer requirements that must be met in order to be accepted into any of the Engineering degree programs. Information about College of Engineering transfer requirements can be found at

To determine which courses will transfer please visit

Upon notification of acceptance the student may then contact the College of Engineering Academic Affairs office at (919) 515-3263 to make a transfer advising appointment.

Q: I am a graduate student who would like to enroll in the Renewable Electric Energy Systems Graduate Certificate program as a non-degree seeking student. How can I do this?

A: Non-degree seeking students must formally apply to the Certificate Program by submitting the same application and supporting documents that degree seeking students must complete. In addition non-degree seeking students must also complete an online application with the Non Degree Studies (NDS) office. The NDS application can be found at

Once the NDS office receives the application they will begin processing it which can take up to five business days. After a student receives notification of acceptance through NDS they will be given a unity ID number. NDS students will begin registration during the "Open Enrollment" date that is listed on the Academic Calendar. For registration dates please visit Additional NDS information can be found at

Q: I am currently a NCSU graduate student interested in applying to the Renewable Electric Energy Systems Graduate Certificate Program. What are the admission requirements and how do I apply?

A: Applicants must meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited four-year college or university, and have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale in their last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study
  • Be a degree student in good standing in an NC State University graduate program
  • Have a Master's degree

Students must complete the Renewable Electric Energy Systems Graduate Certificate Program application and include a resume, all undergraduate & graduate official transcripts (only required for non-NCSU students) and a timeline for certificate completion.

Once the required documents are received the student will be notified promptly of their application status.