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We welcome companies, large or small, engaged in smart grid, renewable energies, electric power delivery, demand side management, power equipment, power semiconductors, energy storage, telecommunication and software, and other sectors, to join our growing industry consortium. As an introduction, please view our FREEDM Systems Center brochure.

Industry Partnerships can be at FULL, ASSOCIATE, or AFFILIATE levels. They are designed to accommodate the needs of your company. Memberships are detailed in the Center bylaws. Joining the growing family of the FREEDM Systems Center partners is simply done by signing the membership agreement.

Membership Benefits include:

  • Access to recent, not-yet-published FREEDM Systems Center research
  • Ability to interact in-depth with FREEDM faculty, students, and partners
  • Access to FREEDM presentations and prepublications
  • Opportunity to participate in Industry Practitioner Program and work in a FREEDM laboratory
  • Jointly submitting proposals to federal programs, such as SBIR/STTR, that encourage university-corporate partnerships
  • Opportunity to receive student interns
  • Early access to intellectual property developed by FREEDM
  • On-campus access to team meetings of FREEDM research teams
  • Access to the FREEDM 1MW test bed for prototype testing
  • Full and Associate members will serve on the Industry Advisory Board which helps to guide FREEDM's strategic project selection process
  • Invitation to the annual IAB Meeting that includes presentations by FREEDM researchers and member companies
  • Exclusive access to the FREEDM Systems Center website

The FREEDM Systems Center SBIR Program encourages faculty research collaboration with small business companies by leveraging center capabilities and resources on SBIR projects. To encourage faculty participation in SBIR proposals, support is available to address the challenge of sustaining student research during the gap between SBIR Phase I and Phase II.

We also welcome individuals from member companies to apply for the FREEDM Systems Center Industry Practitioner Program, a program designed to encourage industry engineers and researchers to spend time at one of the ERC schools to conduct research in an area matching his or her interest. The center will provide a faculty mentor, office space, and lab facilities for the practitioner. Intellectual properties generated during this program will be co-owned by the university and the industry member company. Additionally, companies can support center research by contracted research or by sponsoring an industry fellowship. These programs can be initiated by directing working with faculty members in specific technical areas.

Please contact Mr. Ewan Pritchard, Industry Program Director, or Ken Dulaney, Industry Program Liaison, if you are interested in these programs.