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The FREEDM Systems Center represents a tremendous opportunity for NC State Engineering to lead the transformation of the nationís power grid into the Energy Internet. The National Science Foundationís ten year, $40m investment seeds a comprehensive set of research and educational programs to advance fundamental science, develop key technologies and educate a creative engineering workforce.

The College is committed to raising private funds that will leverage this investment and sustain the centerís work beyond the horizon of public funding. Private investment is crucial to enhancing the centerís capacity to produce research innovations and to prepare more graduates ready to tackle the worldís escalating energy challenges. An investment in the center is an investment in the worldís shared energy future, the competitiveness of the United States, and the economic development of the state of North Carolina.


Investments made through the FREEDM Fund can be designated at the donorís discretion into a variety of strategic initiatives intended to drive and sustain the centerís research and educational endeavors. The fundís focus is to catalyze long-term investments of high impact. Naming opportunities are available to recognize those visionary donors who make the sustaining gift of endowment:

  • The FREEDM Systems Center
  • Professorships
  • Fellowships
  • Scholarships
  • Classrooms, labs, Green Energy Hub

Endowed Professorships (minimum $500,000 - $334,000 contribution plus state match)
Critical to attracting and retaining the best faculty, endowed professorships capitalize on this opportunity to create technologies to shape our energy future, and push them to market. Already, Progress Energy and Duke Energy have made commitments to endow professorships in this area.

Endowed Fellowships (minimum $100,000)
Graduate students are the primary agents of innovation within research universities. The competition for the best and brightest is intense, and institutions must rely on private support to put together competitive financial packages, making it a top priority. Fellowship recipients may pursue the new Renewable Electric Energy Systems Certificate.

Endowed Scholarships (minimum $25,000)
A goal of the Center is to develop a diverse group of adaptive, creative and innovative graduates who, upon entering the workforce, will apply what they have learned in the classroom and the lab. Scholarships will attract undergraduate students into the Renewable Electric Energy Systems Concentration, a one-of-a-kind program.

Name Classrooms and Laboratories (pricing options vary)
Place occupies a prominent role in influencing the great work done by the faculty and students who will define this endeavor. The Centerís new home in the Centennial Science Center and the Collegeís new engineering buildings provide numerous classroom and laboratory space through which we can recognize donors who make important discretionary gifts to the FREEDM Fund.

Name the FREEDM Green Energy Hub (contact for details)
FREEDMís goals include developing a unique 1 MVA Green Energy Hub that uses renewable sources of energy to power the Center and other buildings on Centennial Campus. Both cash and in-kind contributions will be vital to establishing the hub.

Name the FREEDM Systems Center (contact for details)
The ultimate naming opportunity exists for a visionary donor who seeks to transform FREEDM into a powerhouse with unlimited potential to shape mankindís energy future.

To invest in the center through a gift to the FREEDM Fund, contact Martin Baucom, Associate Executive Director of Development for the College of Engineering at 919-513-3950.