David Lubkeman

Dr. Lubkeman has more than 25 years of experience in distribution systems and automation and has been an active participant in technical development activities, resulting in more than 40 publications and 13 US patents. His previous industry experience includes working at Sensus as a senior product manager for distribution automation; at KEMA consulting in the areas of smart grid business case analysis, large-scale energy storage and renewable energy integration; and at ABB, where he was involved in the development of solutions for distribution automation and asset management. Dr. Lubkeman’s prior academic experience was as an associate professor in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University. He is also a licensed professional engineer.

Dr. Lubkeman is currently a lead instructor with the Electrical Power Systems Engineering (EPSE) Master of Science professional degree program. He also is a research faculty member associated with the NSF FREEDM Systems Center. His research interests include electric power distribution system analysis, distribution automation, distribution management systems, microgrid applications, and equipment asset management.


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Keystone Science Center 21

Type of DegreeDegree ProgramSchoolYear
PhDElectrical EngineeringPurdue University1983

Research Areas

  • Power Systems