Bruce McMillin

The main thread of Professor McMillin’s research activities has been to create sound theory and practice of fault tolerance and security for distributed computing applications. His work treats these aspects as functions of the application rather than of the underlying system. Since most work in providing fault tolerance and security is based on assuring the underlying system, his work represents a radical departure from the mainstream of the discipline. Breaking from the main thread of research has required development of a new theory of how program correctness is understood. The approach is to provide semantics to ensure, at runtime, that a distributed program is survivable (has fault tolerance) and maintains its security, in the presence of system failures and security intrusions. Current federal emphasis on protection of complex distributed systems has proven to be an ideal match. Collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships are the cornerstone of success in these new programs. Recently, collaborative work with Electrical Engineering has resulted in NSF funding to apply his techniques to the problem of fault-tolerant and secure power grid management. Dr. McMillin leads the FREEDM research thrust in Distributed Grid Intelligence and Reliable and Secure Communications.


Director of National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education


(573) 341-6435

Type of DegreeDegree ProgramSchoolYear
PhDComputer ScienceMichigan State University1988
MastersComputer ScienceMichigan State University1985
BachelorsComputer EngineeringMichigan Technological University1979