Petru Andrei

Dr. Andrei conducts research and teaches courses on the modeling and simulation of nanoscale and power semiconductor devices, energy storage devices, magnetic materials, and computational electromagnetics. He is particularly interested in the modeling of Li-air and Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, analysis of fluctuations, variability, and noise in electronic devices, quantum induced effects in nanoscale devices, redesign and optimization techniques, inverse problems, modeling and analysis of the magnetic properties of nanostructure systems, fast multipole methods, hysteresis, and thermal relaxation phenomena in nanostructures.


Graduate Program Director, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Type of DegreeDegree ProgramSchoolYear
PhDElectrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Maryland at College Park2004
MastersPhysicsAlexandru I. Cuza University, Romania1999
BachelorsPhysicsAlexandru I. Cuza University, Romania1997