Tech Webinar Recap: Resilient Networked Microgrids Energy Management System

Presented by Mo-Yuen Chow, Professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University

As technology advances, Networked Microgrids (NMG) are widely envisioned to be the future form of the smart grid, for their autonomy, distributed energy resources hosting capability, enhancements in reliability and resilience, etc. This presentation discussed the NMG vision into several key technologies in the cyber (communication network) and physical (power system) layers, e.g. the needs of network/information technology to enable the resilience, reliability, and cost-effective operation of the NMG. This presentation also highlighted two fundamental technologies: resilient Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System (CoDEMS) and the Smart Battery Gauge (SBG) technology, which have been developed in ADAC lab and the FREEDM Systems Center at NC State University along with their applications for economical, reliable, resilient, and flexible energy systems.

View the recorded webinar on our YouTube channel.