Congrats to Sneha!

The FREEDM Systems Center is proud to announce that one of our students has received the 2023 Women in Technology Scholarship! This award is sponsored by Cadence, a company focused on producing technology using the latest AI. Their goal with this scholarship is to support diversity in technology by helping fund women in technical programs. The center would like to congratulate Sneha Narasimhan on being the recipient of this award!

Sneha is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has a focus on developing a SiC-based medium voltage current source for high-speed machines. She is hoping that with this breakthrough, she can potentially revolutionize the size and efficiency of medium-voltage motor drive systems which could offer a solution to a problem the industry currently faces. During her off time though, she is passionate about painting and baking and enjoys collecting refrigerator magnets during her travels!

She is advised by Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya who says that “Sneha is an exceptional PhD student doing very impactful work…Sneha is motivated and passionate about mentoring and has been an ambassador for the FREEDM center. Sneha exemplifies technical leadership with a broad knowledge base and industry experience. I am certain that Sneha’s research achievements and leadership qualities will make a real difference in the future.”

Again, we are all incredibly proud of Sneha’s accomplishment in winning this scholarship and are excited to see where she goes in the future! The industry and society will be the better for having her in it once she graduates from her program. Good job Sneha!