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If you’re thinking about graduate school in power systems or power electronics or have an interest in solving the technical problems of grid modernization, then FREEDM has what you’re looking for. Among our five partner universities, we have the top power systems and power electronics faculty in the United States. Our lab space and testbed capabilities are second to none. And as an NSF Engineering Research Center, we offer programs and guidance to help you obtain those additional soft skills so highly desired by employers.

NC State Masters of Science in Electric Power Systems Engineering

This Professional Science Master’s provides graduate students a thorough understanding of the tools, methods, and practice of electric power engineering. The program goal is to provide an education that is directly applicable to a career in industry and is suitable for a new or recent graduate, as well as experienced professionals who want to receive the necessary retraining to change careers. Coursework includes:

  • Core electric power engineering courses;
  • Interdisciplinary courses focusing on power electronics, data communications, cyber security, and environmental issues
  • Professional skills training through two integrated courses that introduce project management, communication skills, and the business aspects of electric power utilities;
  • Hands-on experience through laboratories and a capstone project;
  • Industry experience and exposure by involving experts from industry to teach some of the topics, and one-to-one interaction with students through the capstone project.

The MS-EPSE degree requires 30 credit hours which consists of twenty-seven credits of coursework and three credits for the capstone project. This degree is also offered as a fully on-line curriculum. Learn more here.

MS&T Graduate Certificate in Electric Power Systems Engineering

This graduate certificate program is designed to provide specialized graduate-level education for working professionals in the area of electric power systems engineering. Coursework includes studies in power systems engineering, electric power quality, economics of power systems, protection, power system stability, high voltage engineering, surge phenomena, computer methods in power system analysis and linear control systems. Graduate certificates are designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. This certificate is designed for students considering a Master’s in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Learn more here.

MS&T Graduate Certificate in Electric Machines and Drives

This graduate certificate program is designed to provide specialized graduate-level education for working professionals in the area of electric machines and drives. Coursework includes studies in electric drive systems, advanced theory of electric machines, digital control, power electronics, interference control in electronic systems, linear control systems, advanced power electronics and power converter modeling and design. Graduate certificates are designed as a gateway to a master’s degree. This certificate is designed for students considering a Master’s in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Learn more here.