Student Leadership Council

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Welcome to the FREEDM Systems Center Student Leadership Council (SLC) Homepage.  This page is dedicated to ensuring students have access to the information they need to connect with FREEDM Systems Center, each other and be successful in their studies and research.  If you feel this page is missing something, please let us know!

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Your Power (re)Source

Your Power (re)Source is the FREEDM Systems Center Newsletter. The newsletter helps reduce e-mails sent to the FREEDM list by combining non-time-sensitive information to the newsletter, rather than individual e-mails.

Do you have information to include in the newsletter?  A recent publication?  Upcoming defense, seminar, or job opportunity?  Send your submissions to the SLC at to have your announcement included in the next issue of Your Power (re)Source!

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What is the Student Leadership Council?

The FREEDM SLC is the interface between the FREEDM Systems Center faculty and staff to the Students.  The SLC is formed from active students within the FREEDM Systems Center student body to promote student involvement with the center, coordinate education and outreach events, and facilitate industry interaction with the center.  The Committees are:

  • Executive
  • Student Life
  • Industry
  • Education

How can I become involved with the SLC?

Every student within FREEDM Systems Center is encouraged to participate in the Student Leadership Council, from every university, undergraduate through post-doc.  The student leadership council is a productive way to improve your leadership and interpersonal skills, build your resume, and become more involved with activities within the center!

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact us at