12-098 Framework and Topology for Active Tuning of Parallel Compensated Receivers in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

December 20, 2016

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Wireless power transfer (WPT) based on magnetic coupling is becoming widely accepted as a means
of transferring power over small to medium distances. An unresolved issue is the source and receiver
resonance matching in multi-receiver systems where the source operating frequency adjustment is
not possible. We have invented a new receiver design for WPT systems. The proposed design
combines a parallel compensated resonant tank with a tri-state boost converter. By synchronizing the
tri-state boost switching period with the half-period of the resonant tank voltage, we position the
inherently discontinuous current pulse drawn by the tri-state boost to control both active and
reactive power flow from the resonant circuit to the tri-state boost. Controllable reactive current can
be used effectively to emulate appropriate inductance or capacitance to tune the resonant tank and
achieve optimal power transfer.

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