13-158 Multi-Resonant Systems for Wireless Inductive Power Transfer

December 20, 2016

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Multi-resonant systems for wireless power transfer are based on frequency multiplex for transferring
power, since the power will be delivered from the primary (transmitter) to the secondary (receiver of
pick-up) by using more than one signal frequency. At the same time, these systems preserve low
switching frequency of the switching devices at the primary and secondary, offering a higher overall
efficiency. That way, they effectively decouple the switching frequency and the frequency of the
magnetic field. Instead being concentrated at one particular frequency, this approach allows
spreading the transferred energy at more than one frequency in the spectrum, which leads to an
easier satisfaction of the EMC and/or safety guidelines and regulations. Potential applications include
all kinds of systems for wireless inductive power transfer, vehicle chargers, systems for powering
robot swarms, etc. Additionally, receiver by itself has a potential to be applied in the systems for
multi-resonant energy harvesting.

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