16-029 Flyback Restart Method for Synchronous Reluctance Machines

December 20, 2016

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In many industrial settings, momentary power disruptions commonly occur, resulting in tripping of large electric
machines, which then have to be brought to zero speed before the machine can be restarted. This approach can result
in frequent interruptions in an industrial process, which can have negative effects on productivity. A more practical
control implementation would restart the machine back to the original speed as soon as power is restored, not having to
wait for the machine to be at a standstill. This concept is known as flying restart. In this paper we propose an approach
to implement the universal restart for SynRM through a simple identification algorithm which determines the speed
and position of the machine so that the correct voltage vector can be applied and thus minimize the inrush current
during the restart. Beyond the development of the basic algorithm, implementation issues will be considered to provide
general guideline for the application of the developed algorithm.

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