16-277 Low Cost Residential Plug and Play Solar PV

June 20, 2016

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Residential PV systems are a clean and effective energy solution that provides many benefits for homeowners and their respective utilities and communities.  However, due to high initial costs, limited consumer access to information, and the complex permitting and installation process, very few US homes have PV systems.  This invention provides a “plug and play” PV system that would drastically reduce installation cost and complexity, simplify the inspection and permitting process, and automate interconnection with the grid.

In lieu of being installed inside the roof of the home, the panels are attached to a roof mount. The panels are then connected to micro-string inverters using simple 3-pronged plugs; this is in compliance with the National Electric Code. The array is attached to the PV utility interface, which provides automated system authentication, connects the system to the grid, and can be accessed wirelessly for monitoring and other purposes.

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