Abhay Negi

I’m pursuing Master’s in Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University and shall be graduating in Dec, 2016. At FREEDM, I worked on ‘Active Gate driver design for SiC Mosfets‘  as part of  my thesis under the guidance of Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya and reduced turn on losses by 10% of SiC MOSFETs.  I also designed a DC bus PCB with low loop inductance of 20 nH .At FREEDM, I’ve also worked on active clamp flyback converter and 18 kW buck converter.

I worked at Power Electronics Intern at ABB Corporate Research during summer 2016 where I worked on characterization of SiC half bridge module which involved extensive testing and debugging. I also worked on PCB design using Altium alongwith LT Spice simulations.

Prior to joining NCSU, I worked as Design Engineer for 4 years at Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., India on IGBT based AC EMU Electric train and  designed electrical layouts from Indian Railways according to EMI/EMC plans. Other responsibilities included designing of Inter-vehicular couplers, cable selection along with temperature rise calculations and preparation of power balance document taking into account redundancy required during failure to verify rating of traction and auxiliary converters. I also measured voltage and current harmonics measurement on a running electric train.

I’m working as Industry Officer with Student Leadership Council at FREEDM Systems Center and organized poster sessions at Industry conference in Jan’16 and NSF Sife Visit in May’16.



Graduate Student Researcher
Graduate Teaching Assistant - ECE 534 (Power Electronics)
Student Leadership Council Industry Officer




Engineering Building II (EB2) 2091