Richard Beddingfield PhD Candidate

I am a in my third year as a PhD student and I am focusing on power electronics and high power, medium frequency magnetics. I have been with the FREEDM Center since 2011 as an undergraduate research scholar and continued into my Electric Power Systems Engineering Masters and PhD. During that time, I have built my passion for education and outreach through my involvement with the Student Leadership Council as well as various teaching opportunities opportunities through the University.

My Research Projects include:

  • Medium Voltage DC Amplifier Testbed
  • Low Voltage Solid State Stransformer
  • High Power Magnetic Materials Characterization


Graduate Research Asst
PhD Candidate
Student Leadership Council President Emeritus


Keystone Science Center 15

Type of DegreeDegree ProgramSchoolYear
PhDPower Electronics and High Frequency MagneticsNorth Carolina State University
MSElectric Power Systems EngineeringNorth Carolina State University2014
BSElectrical EngineeringNorth Carolina State University2013