Rishabh Jain

PhD student under the guidance of Dr. Srdjan M. Lukic, Dr. David L. Lubkeman.

Primary Research Interests
Transient stability impacts of inverter based renewable resources on the power grid, associated protection challenges in distributed grid and microgrid scenarios; Transition between Grid connected and islanded modes of operation for microgrids and automated service restoration; Use of Wavelet Transform techniques for Power System Protection with high DER penetration

Secondary Research Interests
Degradation of (Li-ion) batteries with time, Implementation of machine learning in improving energy forecasts

Recent Publications (past 12 months)
[1] Fault Identification in Distribution Systems using Maximum Overlap Wavelet Decomposition – Jain R., Du, Y., Lukic, S. M., Lubkeman, D. L., NAPS 2017
[2] Book Chapter : Reserve Estimation in Renewable Integration Studies” in Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy into Bulk Power Systems: From Planning to Operation, B. Stoll, R. Jain, C. Brancucci Martinez-Anido, E. Ibanez, A. Florita, and B.-M. Hodge, Springer International Publishing, 2017, pp. 167–187.
[3] A Data-Driven Method to Characterize Turbulence-Caused Uncertainty in Wind Power Generation – Zhang J., Jain R., Hodge B. M., Journal of Applied Energy
[4] Energy Storage System Sizing for Islanded Microgrids Considering Battery Degradation – Du, Y., Jain R., Lukic, S. M., ECCE 2016
[5] Investigating the Impact of Wind Turbines on Distribution System Stability – Jain R., Zhang Y. C., Hodge B. M., ISGT 2016

In Review
[1] Multi-Agent Distributed Service Restoration Scheme for Distribution Systems with Embedded Microgrids – Jain R., Lukic, S. M., Lubkeman, D. L., IEEE T&D 2018




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Type of Degree Degree Program School Year
Ph.D. ECE North Carolina State University 2018
M.S. ECE University of Idaho 2014
B.Tech. EE Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad 2011

Research Areas

  • Power Systems