Y9. Hardware-In-The-Loop


The purpose of the hardware-in-the-loop testbed (HILTB) is to provide a flexible platform that facilitates the design, analysis, and demonstration of FREEDM concepts using both physical and simulated devices. The ability to objectively evaluate the performance of different system control and protection methods is a major focus of the thrust.  While the Green Energy Hub (GEH) and Large Scale System Simulation (LSSS) testbeds consist solely of physical and simulated FREEDM components, respectively, HILTB provides a platform to study both types of components together; this allows researchers to analyze cyber-physical systems in a safer and well-controlled environment. Moreover, with the ability to integrate actual power hardware (such as an SST, FID, or solar POV converter) at the FSU 5 MW test bed the HILTB can be used to evaluate performances of power components in a meaningful rest of system context. The HILTB is remotely accessible and as such available throughout the center.