Collaboration: Industry Engagement

Collaboration is one of the traits that makes FREEDM a world-class research center. It is a place where universities and industry work together to solve multi-disciplinary problems. Inspired by a common vision, companies that span the value chain for power electronics applications and utility operations collaborated on pre-competitive research to change the utility paradigm and generate new opportunities for all.

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How we work together

IEEE partnered with FREEDM, ABB, and Duke Energy to verify new testing procedures for Standard 1547.

Schneider Electric needed a flexible testbed to evaluate a new product that would integrate distributed energy generation and storage into an existing building infrastructure. They chose the FREEDM Green Energy Hub.

New York Power Authority wants to know if they can improve the dynamic performance of their grid using wind farms and data from phasor measurement units to implement wide-area damping control. They took advantage of the Full Member Fellowship program and hired a graduate student to figure this out.

When semiconductor manufacturer, Microsemi, needed a partner to build a three-phase Vienna power factor correction topology reference design featuring its silicon carbide diodes and MOSFETs, they turned to researchers at FREEDM.