14-039 Busbar integrated power converter module

December 20, 2016

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This patent is about a new type of power converter module which has at least 2 embedded parallel busbars. For
AC-DC VSI type power converter (which is widely used in motor drive and solid state transformer applications etc.),
the semiconductor devices break down due to the over voltage of DC busbar is a very common issue for the converter’s
overall reliability. The over voltage spike on DC busbar is primarily caused by current transient through the stray
inductance of interconnecting parts between semiconductor device and busbar. The advantages of this new power
converter module include: 1) very low interconnect inductance (reduce the DC bus voltage spikes significantly), 2)
double-sided cooling for power semiconductor device, 3) very compact geometry, 3) allow gate drive circuit locate
extremely close to power semiconductor device, 4)easy to be fabricated and assembled , 5) flexible for various converter
topology. This new design increases converter’s reliability and reduce size significantly without too much cost and
difficulties for fabrication.

14039 – Presentation – A new busbar embedded power converter module

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