15-246 Novel Current Source AC-AC Converter

December 20, 2016

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A novel current source AC-AC converter topology is invented. It has the potential to be extremely energy efficient,
and can work with high input AC voltage and high AC output voltage. Typically application is to drive a high power
adjustable speed motor drive.
Traditional topology are all voltage source based and has many issues including 1) DC fault,2) high dV/dt casuing
motor failure 3) large capacitor size causing low reliability and large size, Our proposed solution addresses many of
the above issues by using a multi-level current source Buck rectifier and a multilevel current source Boost inverter
topology. The salient features of this drive system include: a) pure sinusoidal output voltage and current for the motor,
b) no bulky DC link capacitors therefore significant size and cost reduction is possible; c) No device shoot-through issue
due to the use of unidirectional chopper cell; d) natural current limiting and load short circuit protection due to the
current source nature; e) Interleaved multilevel Buck and Boost enable the use of low voltage SiC power devices and
smaller inductor size; e) Optimal use of Si and SiC power devices since the AC input and AC output can use slower Si
power devices such as thyristor and IGBT (device series connection will be used to reach the desired voltage levels).

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