Y10. Green Energy Hub Testbed


The GEH testbed is a physical, fully operational FREEDM System at a scale that demonstrates functionality of key components, validates the operational concept including communications and control functions, and confirms key underlying theories. This physical system will also be used to evaluate future hardware and software that complement the FREEDM design.

The Principal Investigator for this project is Dr. David Lubkeman. 


Before year 7, the GEH project focused on demonstrating successive generations of the SST, FID, DESD, DRER and residential-load emulator. Since then, the focus expanded to include multi-SST applications with an emphasis on energy management. Year 9 and 10 activities included a multi-SST testbed, single SST residential demonstration, integration of Intelligent Power Management and Intelligent Energy Management applications, and a demonstration of multi-SST islanding and black-start operation. Year 10 also saw the successful integration of DGI onto multiple low-voltage SSTs.

Multi-SST demonstration during 2018 Annual Conference


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