Y10. System Theory, Modeling and Controls


Networked power electronics systems like FREEDM provide control challenges because they’re nonlinear, hybrid and multivariable. Stability issues exist from the lowest level to the highest as the control loop time scales increase from 1 millisecond to seconds and the corresponding instability oscillation frequency decreases from thousands of hertz to single digits. Actively controlled power converters introduce highly nonlinear and time-varying dynamics.


FREEDM researchers developed models and algorithms to address these issues. Major achievements include a comprehensive mathematical model of the FREEDM system that was incorporated into the Large Scale System Simulation testbed, defining feasibility bounds through physical and switching parameters’ analytical relationships, implementing robustness into the control design and developing a predictive current-control method for local controllers verified with passivity-based stability analysis.


In year 10, FREEDM finalized nonlinear distributed control methods for intelligent power and energy management in a feasible system domain and further developed power-sharing methods and nonlinear power-management controllers for SST-based distribution systems.


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