2021 Symposium

Virtual Event
March 17-18, 2021

This two-day VIRTUAL event was packed full of information from researchers and others about power systems, power electronics, electric transportation, renewable energy, and device packaging. For those of you who were able to attend, we hope you enjoyed the event.

We are working to make the keynotes and panel session recordings to those who registered for the event. An email will be sent with links to all of the information we presented during the symposium.

And if you are one of the few who have not read our 2020 Annual Report cover to cover, you can download it here.

2021 Symposium Schedule

Wednesday, March 17
1:00 pmUniversity WelcomeLouis Martin-Vega, PhD
Dean, College of Engineering
NC State University
Director's WelcomeIqbal Husain, PhD
Professor, Director of FREEDM
NC State University
1:15 pmFederal Program
SpeakerPresentation Title
Aranya Chakrabortty, PhD
Program Director
National Science Foundation
Emerging Programs in
Electric Power, Control
and Data Science in the NSF
Guohui Yuan, PhD
Program Manager
DOE Solar Energy
Technologies Office
DOE Systems Integration
Research for Solar Energy
1:55 pmFREEDM UpdateIqbal Husain, PhD
Professor, Director of FREEDM
NC State University
2:15 pmTechnical SessionsSpeakerPresentation Title
Energy StorageLee Ragsdale
SVP, Energy Delivery
North Carolina's
Electric Cooperatives

Implementation of
Energy Storage
CK Kim
HIMCEN Battery Inc.
Li-ion Battery and Energy Storage
System Market Trends
Bharat Balagopal, PhD
Post Doctoral Research Scholar
NC State University
A Researcher’s Guide to
Energy Storage Systems
Bo Chen, PhD
Computational Engineer
Argonne National Lab
Energy Storage Enabled
Grid Ancillary Services
and Resilience
Yichen Zhang, PhD
Postdoctoral Appointee
Argonne National Lab
Power System
Operation and
Hao Zhu, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Austin
2021 Texas Blackout:
Thoughts and Research
Junjie Qin, PhD
Assistant Professor
Purdue University
Mobile Storage for
Demand Charge Reduction
3:00 pmTechnical SessionsSpeakerPresentation Title
Applications of
Solid State Transformers
Srdjan Lukic, PhD
NC State University
Power Distribution
and Transportation
Troy Beechner, PhD
Vice President, Engineering
Power Systems Division
RCT Systems
Shipboard Systems
Raja Ayyanar, PhD
Arizona State University
SST Controls and Advanced
PWM Methods
Jonathan Kimball, PhD
Missouri S&T
EV Charging
High Density Power
Patrick McCluskey, PhD
University of Maryland
Heterogeneously Integrated
Power Electronics
Christian Uhrenfeldt, PhD
Associate Professor
Aalborg University
Digital Prototyping and
Demonstration of WBG
Power Electronics for
Industrial Applications
Doug Hopkins, PhD
NC State University
A 40kV/mm Organic
Substrate for Low Voltage
Power SiP and >10kV
Power Modules
3:45 pmAdjourn
Thursday, March 18
1:00 pmWelcome
Keynote AddressMike Rowand
Director of Technical Services

Opportunities and Issues
for the Electrification of
Commercial Fleets
Keynote AddressDeepak Divan, PhD
Professor, Director of the
Center for Distributed Energy
Georgia Institute of Technology
Grid Integration of
Distributed Energy Resources
– Challenges and Opportunities
2:00 pmTechnical SessionsSpeakerPresentation Title
Zeljko Pantic, PhD
Associate Professor
NC State University
Heather Hildebrandt
Statewide Initiatives Supervisor
NC Department of Transportation
Electric Vehicle
Ali Karimoddini, PhD
Associate Professor
North Carolina A&T State University
Connected and
Autonomous Vehicles
Andy Duvall, PhD
Transportation Behavior Analyst
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Emerging Opportunities
for Electric Mobility
Power Electronic
John Palmour, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Status of SiC for
Automotive and Medium
Voltage Applications
Ranbir Singh, PhD
GeneSiC Semiconductor
Use of 3300V and 1700V
SiC MOSFETs and Diodes
in Modern Applications
Peter Losee, PhD
Director of
Technology Development
United SiC
G4 Cascode FETs
Offer New Breakthroughs
in SiC Performance
Subhashish Bhattacharya, PhD
NC State University
Applications of WBG
Devices for SST
Tim McDonald
Senior Consulting Advisor
Is GaN Reliable enough for
the most demanding
markets today?
2:45 pmStudent Research
List of Student Research Presentations
3:30 pmAdjourn